How much weight have you lost?

I have lost 25-30lbs since I started in Dec 2012. Started at 225-230, now I weight 200-205


What was your old lifestyle like?
I would hit the gym 4-5 days a week, but I was burned out. My drive and passion for fitness was gone. Mix in a couple happy hours a week along with poor eating habits, needless to say I was not practicing a healthy lifestyle.


How do you feel now?
I feel excited,  driven, ambitious, and happy. I’m not talking just about fitness, this attitude has crossed over into my family life and career. Positive things are happening right now.My outlook on life has completely changed since last year.




Elaborate on how you use to think CrossFit was silly…
When I first heard about crossfit I just passed it off as another fitness fad. I have been doing some sort of training/fitness for the last 20yrs and believe me, I have seen my fair share of fads. I thought it was another bootcamp for people who didn’t have the confidence to go to a normal gym or lift weights. I thought it was mainly for women. But, I noticed it was gaining steam in the mainstream fitness world and major sports were adopting some of the Crossfit training styles for their professional athletes. So it caught  my attention so I started researching a little about it. The timing was perfect for me, I knew I needed a change from the same old routine I have done the last 20 yrs. Sure, I was strong, but I couldn’t run 400 yds without having a near heart attack. My wake up call came when I was grunting to tie my shoes. Lol
Soon after that I gave Crossfit a shot and have been hooked ever since and my perception of Crossfit was totally wrong. I have to say I was a bit surprised that I lost so much weight while becoming stronger. Also, the knowledge of fitness that I have learned will be a great investment into my kids healthy lifestyle as well.


The biggest surprise of Crossfit that I didn’t read about or expect was the family type relationships you develop for other members in your box. You see others go through positive life changes and can’t help but be proud of them. We all sacrifice blood, sweat, sometimes tears, and time. So we all have earned a certain respect for each other.



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